Speechless Theatre Company are delighted to offer workshops and outreach programmes to people interested in learning about our unique working method. Our teaching is focused on how to engage in the imagination, relish childlike play, find theatre ‘games’ and most importantly, how to communicate without words.

We can create and deliver teaching tailored to the requirements and level of each group and at affordable rates. Every session will be fun, supportive and led by one (or both!) of the co-artistic directors, James & Ant.


“Speaking the Speechless Way”

(Speechless) Theatre Company are excited to offer a free 3-hour workshop exploring their unique working method. (Speechless) are specialists in making plays-with-no-words set in bizarre and quirky worlds. Participants will explore the key principles behind making (Speechless) work led by co-artistic directors Ant Cule and James Callàs Ball. Be prepared for games, silliness and dancing. How do (Speechless) speak the (Speechless) way? How do you engage in a strange world without uttering a word?